What about heavy metals found in some Cocoa and Chocolate-Based Products?

We have fielded several concerns from customers during the last couple of months about a recent consumer report that dealt with the presence of heavy metals in a few different companies’ cocoa products.

Fortunately our main supplier of chocolate La Siembra (whose retail product line is called Cocoa Camino) have been actively addressing this issue for a number of years. Their semi annual lab tests have produced no recalls or concerns to date by the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency.)

For more details on our chocolate suppliers’ efforts to monitor this issue please follow the link below


Are your chocolates truffles?
Yes and no. The majority of our chocolates have a truffle/ganache centre. A ganache is a chocolate and cream mixture infused with flavours. For our vegan chocolates we use coconut milk and nut butters instead of cream. Some of our chocolates are caramels rather than truffles and in the case of our maple butter, the centre is a whipped butter instead of cream. In every chocolate is organic ingredients with no added preservatives which means they are meant to be enjoyed right away.

Do you make everything in store?
We make everything in house in our shop in the Junction. This includes all our chocolate products , our ice cream, candies, and our baked goods.

Do you have vegan chocolates?
We offer a wide variety of vegan treats including many chocolate indulgences as well as a large selection of vegan ice creams. By the way, we also offer house made vegan gluten free waffle cones!

Are your chocolates gluten free?
All our chocolates are gluten free however we do use flour in the shop and as we are small, we cannot guarantee that there hasn't been any cross contamination for any serious allergies.

I have a peanut allergy; can I eat your chocolates?
Any serious nut allergies are at risk in our shop. We work with peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios etc.

What are you most popular chocolates?
Our most popular chocolates are the Chocolate Caramel with Smoked Sea Salt, Maple Butter and the Ontario Raspberry with Toasted Hazelnut as a close runner up.