Fresh Mint and Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

In July, a new flavour appears at Delight Chocolate. During the summer Fresh Mint Ice Cream will refresh you but also delight your taste buds. 

 We infuse the ice cream with three garden-fresh mint varieties and steep them like tea : The first is the chocolate mint for a strong minty taste with a mix of chocolate. Next is spearmint adding floral, sweet and slightly sharp notes with hints of citrus and spice. Finally the pepper mint adds the punch with spicy notes also. Added to this perfect agreement between the different kinds of mint are handmade chocolate chips using a bittersweet (70%) chocolate, the perfect match for mint!

 So that everyone has chance to try this wonder we make a dairy version but also dairy free.(Vegan)

 Our fresh Mint Ice Cream is available as a seasonal limited edition! We make it only while the mint is flourishing in our garden

Come to Delight in person to try a scoop or order on-line for GTA deliveries.

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