White Chocolate Chocolates

While there maybe be some debate among critics and academics as to whether or not White Chocolate is in fact a Chocolate at all, one thing there is no debate about is its popularity.

In fact for many years we overlooked white chocolate. We used it mainly as a way to decorate our chocolates or for our seasonal specialty flavours. The complexities derived from the cocoa liqueur present in dark chocolate is what we found the most compelling.

But this past year in particular we have noticed a real spike in the interest our customers have had in white chocolate. While providing solid white chocolates is relatively easy to do, infusing flavours into white chocolate presents it own set of challenges as the fat content is so high certain flavours struggle to come through.

One of our first off season flavours has balanced well with the buttery richness of the white chocolate; Pink Peppercorn and Lime. The floral notes from the pink peppercorn combined with the fresh citrus is a wonderful compliment to the velvety rich mouthfeel of this recently re-appreciated cocoa creation.