At Delight we are frequently asked whether or not we have either Vegan or Dairy Free chocolates.

Fortunately not only is the answer yes on both scores but some of those varieties happen to be favourites of Jennifer’s and mine and neither of us is Vegan.

Take for example the Toasted Hazelnut Chocolate; not only is it Vegan but its both our favorite chocolate. The beauty in this chocolate is its simplicity. After husking the hazelnuts we oven toast them before putting them through a special machine which produces a velvety smooth hazelnut butter. We then mix it into melted semi-sweet chocolate which forms the ganache (soft filling) of the chocolate.

Jennifer’s second favorite chocolate is the Grapefruit Chili of the vegan and dairy free varieties. It is a beautiful balance of citrus and spice which is complimented by rich and creamy coconut milk.

My second favorite chocolate came to us by way of an accident; the Burt Almond. As the name implies, when we first attempted this chocolate we forgot about the slow roasting almonds in the oven until it was too late. While we lost close to half the original amount we decided to turn the rest to butter and see what it would taste like mixed together with bittersweet chocolate. The outcome was one of our most unique chocolates. The big, earthy dominate flavour of Almond is further amplified with the addition of bittersweet chocolate, resulting in one of the lowest sugar content chocolates we produce.

Our remaining vegan chocolates may not be tops on our personal list but each has its own very popular following; the Walnut Fleur de Sel, Peanut Butter with Dark Chocolate and the Raspberry filled with our house made jam.

While all of the above are both Vegan and Dairy Free the Honey Pistachio is our only Dairy Free variety that is not at the same time Vegan.

While we have always offered a variety of Vegan and Dairy Free chocolates, (not to mention our bark, peels and clusters lines which are also vegan and Dairy Free) this year we have introduced a Vegan and Dairy Free Chocolate Heart box.

In spite of the fact that these flavours are among our personal favourites it remains a challenge to convince some people who are not Vegan or Dairy Free that these are great chocolates. For some, once they see the designation of Vegan or Dairy Free they automatically think there is going to be a foreign ingredient that they will find distasteful. Of course the opposite is true; in each case we would not make these chocolates with dairy or honey as there isn’t any need to.

I could also talk more about our Vegan and Dairy Free Ice Cream varieties but that is the subject of another entry.