Pumpkin Cakes with Maple Butter Cream

Fall in Toronto means its time to be inundated with everything Pumpkin Flavoured from lattes to beer.

Like most flavoured food and drinks it is a lot easier to approximate a taste trough a combination of real and or artificial flavours. And the results are often pretty close to the real deal. But sometimes there are a few advantages to using the real McCoy.

At Delight roasting pumpkins has become a bit of a tradition. Falling perfectly in line with the end of our seasonal ice cream making process, we slowly roast pumpkins until they are caramelized golden brown bringing out subtle earthy aromas. After pureed and added to our ice cream they lend a thicker, creamier texture to our Seasonal Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream.

This year we decided to borrow the same process and add our caramelized pumpkin puree to a new Cake Special; Pumpkin Cakes with Maple Butter Cream. Not only does it lend all the same flavour advantages, but it also provides extra moisture to the cakes resulting in a richer experience.