Probably one of the best parts of being a chocolatier is the creative process. How do you attach flavour to an idea or a concept?

Some idea’s are easier than others and Mother’s Day for us is a natural. Floral Fragrances, especially of the citrus variety, to us, say spring and with that Mothers Day. The extract of an orange tree blossom allows for a more complicated flavour than the zest of the orange alone can provide.

Orange blossom has long been a cornerstone in Arabic Cuisine but wasn’t introduced to Western Culture until the 17th century by Anne Marie Orsini, Princess of Nerola, Italy, as a perfume. Thereafter Orange Blossom perfume became known as “Neroli”.

Incorporating Orange Blossom Extract into our organic cream and white chocolate based Ganache for our Orange Blossom Chocolate provides an striking contrast to the dark chocolate exterior.