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Cookie Cutter Snow Flakes

Cookie Cutter Snow Flakes

Cookie Cutter Snow Flakes.

$9.95 per 50gr. plus tax.

Santa in the MoonSanta in the Moon. $16.75 plus Tax.

Snowflake lollySnowflake Lollies. $3.75 each plus tax

Santa LollySanta Lolly. $3.25.

Plus Tax.

Vintage SantaVintage Santa. $15.50

plus tax.

Hand Painted Vintage SantaHand Painted Vintage Santa. $19.95.

Plus Tax.

Hand Painted Chocolate Ball Ornament

Hand Painted

Chocolate Ball Ornament.

$16.50 plus tax.

Jolly Santa

$7.95 Plus Tax.

Foil Wrapped Chocolate Coins

$7.00 per bag of six. $13.00 for bag of Twelve. Plus Tax.

Santa Claus

500 gr.


Plus Tax

Smash Santa !

Each Smash Santa Contains Six Holiday Foil Wrapped Chocolate Shapes and Four Caramels Hidden Inside.

500 gr.


Plus Tax

Evergreen Trees

$14.95 plus tax.

Hand Drawn Holiday Cards by Julie Seddon

Star Lollies