Hand Painted Chocolates Heart Boxes

One of the really fun things about working with chocolate is the seemingly endless possibilities a chocolatier has to manipulate this delicious medium in shapes, molds and yes, even painting with it.

Over the years at Delight we have indulged mostly in the painting side of the chocolate possibilities.

We have also had the good fortune to have several great and talented chocolateirs who have shared our passion for bringing chocolate to life through this animated format.

Some staff have even learned how to blend white, dark and milk chocolate together to create different shades of chocolate to give their drawings depth. Others have developed ways of manipulating their chocolate designs at different stages of tempering the chocolate to give their art work perspective.

When we first assembled all the various chocolatiers creative efforts on one shelf we were concerned that the wide spectrum of styles might prove too confusing for customers. It proved to be the opposite; buy having such a diverse range of styles were were able to appeal to a broader audience.

Based on its popular reception several years ago we have since continued to encourage our chocolatiers to follow their creative instincts. We haven’t looked back