Fresh Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

I garden mint. Most gardeners I know laugh when I tell them that I garden mint. That is because they think mint is weed. I then wondered what the definition of a weed was. I always thought of a weed as a plant that was an uninvited guest, like an invasive long lost pal that turns up at the family BBQ and parks on the couch for a few days.

It turns out that’s true. According to Wikipidia a weed is “a plant in the wrong place”. So mint isn’t a weed as long as its intentionally there. Say like in your Mojito. Or in my case, my Fresh Mint Ice Cream.

When I first started making Fresh Mint Ice Cream several years ago it turned out to be a tough sell. People were so used to seeing that ubiquitous green colour that they weren’t convinced that it could really be mint ice cream without that special institutional hue attached. Sampling didn’t initially help matters either as our mint ice cream doesn’t taste like the parlor shop experience of most peoples childhoods. Pulled fresh from the garden and steeped in milk and cream like a tea, there is instead an alarming cacophony of Spearmint, Peppermint and Chocolate mint all competing for the attention of your taste buds. All conveniently harnessed with the occasionally burst of dark chocolate chips. Fortunately it has grown in popularity over the years allowing me to in tandem fine tune my mint gardening skills.