Drunken Cherries in Cab Franc

Drunken Cherries in Cab Franc is possibly one of our more bitter sweet ice cream creations. Cherry Ice Cream was never a flavour that I was that found of to say the least. But everyone seemed to be interested in a cherry ice cream flavour. So I challenged myself to come up with a flavour that I would like and somehow I got the idea to stew them in Cab Franc.

Popular with winemakers in Niagara as it fairs better in cooler climates, Cab Franc has a herbaceous, peppery flavour that provides the perfect balance to the inherent sweetens of cherries when slowly stewed together in the jam making process. The best part is that the cherries that we use are from a sustainable farm in Beamsville Niagara and the Cab Franc we use is down the road at a sustainable winery called Henry of Pelham.