Since we opened our doors in the Junction more than 10 years ago, one of the most consistent questions that our customers ask us is “Do you make your hot Chocolate with powder and water?” It’s a totally understandable question as this is the most common way to make hot chocolate if you are buying a powder mix from the super market. While it is the easier and more shelf stable way of making and storing hot chocolate, at Delight we like to try and create the richest chocolate experience with every recipe. While not usually easier, we feel it is often better. Our Hot Chocolate is no exception.

At Delight, our hot chocolate begins as a ganache. We blend a mix of our hard chocolate, or couverture, and hot cream that comes from an Organic Dairy here in Ontario that grass feeds their cows on a sustainable, GMO free farm. At that point we can add in different ingredients to create a variety monthly hot chocolate specials. As we approach March, we like to blend in Organic Maple syrup for our spring inspired “Cabane au Sucre” special hot chocolate.

From there we add milk from the same Farm, Harmony Organic, and produce our hot chocolate in small batches so it is always fresh. We use the same basic recipe in producing our non-dairy, vegan hot chocolate options.

So when you drop into our shop for some take home hot chocolate, do not look on the shelf for a powder. Be sure to ask our staff for a half or full liter of our rich liquid version.