Each Chocolate Hand Decorated.

Each centre infused with traditional and exotic ingredients.

Definitely, a labour of love.

Orange Blossom

Orange infused in a rich white chocolate Ganache with Orange Flower Water in a Dark Chocolate Shell.

Lemon Vanilla

Lemon Meringue Pie smothered in bittersweet chocolate.

Chocolate Caramel with Smoked Sea Salt

Dark Chocolate Caramel with Salish Smoked Sea Salt From British Columbia.

Maple Butter

Milk Chocolate paired with Dark Amber Maple Syrup from Merrlynd Organic Farm in Lakefield.

Earl Grey

Our favourite blend from Whole World along with delicious Vanilla Beans paired with milk chocolate.

Extra Dark

Extra Dark. Need we say more?

Cherry Cheese Cake

Cherries from Warner’s Farm in Niagara and Organic Cream Cheese from Organic Meadow.

Walnut with Fleur de Sel

Our Walnuts are Candied and Slow Roasted with Fleur de Sel in house before being puréed with dark chocolate. Dairy Free.

Toasted Hazelnut

Our House Toasted Hazelnuts travel through several stages of processing in our kitchen to arrive at a consistency of butter. Mixed with dark Chocolate. Dairy Free.


Our take on the classic cocktail with Dillon’s Ontario Vodka infused with Grapefruit and enrobed in extra dark chocolate.


Milk Chocolate filled with our House Made Caramel Sauce

Five Year Old Cheddar

L’Ancêtre Cheddar is a organic raw cow’s milk cheddar aged 5 years from Benacour, Quebec. Paired with Dark Chocolate.

The Bat

The Bat: A hauntingly good combination of Orange and Anise. Dairy Free.

Hazelnut Toffee

Our House Made Toasted Hazelnut purée is gently laid down on top of a layer of our House Made Caramel Toffee inside each Milk Chocolate.


Freshly ground ginger root is infused into the ganache of this dark chocolate and rounded off with a slice of candied ginger both inside and on top of the chocolate.

Peanut Butter

Extra smooth Peanut Butter with Milk Chocolate. Garnished with a Salted Red Skin Peanut.


House made jam using Fresh Raspberries sourced from a sustainable farm in Beamsville Ont. is married with dark chocolate.

Quebec Blue Cheese

The award winning Blue d’Elizabeth from FROMAGERIE DU PRESBYTÈRE in Quebec is married with 70% dark chocolate to create one of our signature chocolates.

Ice Wine

Ice Wine from Niagara’s Frog Pond Winery is paired with 70% dark chocolate. Garnished with Gold.


Dark Chocolate Ganache infused with Rye Whiskey from Dillon’s with a Burnt Sugar Garnish

Burnt Almond

Almonds roasted to their glory, turned to butter and mixed with dark chocoalte.

Pumpkin Spice

A classic Fall Mixture.

Lemon Espresso

Espresso from Alternative Grounds infused with Organic Lemons. Dairy Free.