House Made Candies, Pate de Fruit (Jellies) and Caramels.

Pate de Fruit

Using Fruit from local sustainable farms, our take on the Classic French Jelly  is made in house using all natural ingredients. Vegetarian Friendly. Naked or Dipped in Dark Chocolate. $1.25 and $2.00 each plus tax.


Niagara Apricot Pate de Fruit.

Ontario Strawberry

Ontario Strawberry Pate de Fruit.

Sugar Plum

Sugar Plums.


Ontario Raspberry.

Orange Peels

Candied Orange, Lemon or Grapefruit Peel. Dipped in Dark Chocolate.

French Kiss

House Made Caramels.

Sealed with a French Kiss. (Fleur de Sel)

Box of 12.

Ginger Nuggets

Candied Ginger Nuggets.

Dipped in Dark Chocolate.

Madagascar Kiss

Madagascar Kiss.

Vanilla Caramel

Box of 12.

Bolivian Kiss

Bolivian Kiss.

Dark Roasted Coffee Caramel.

Box of 12.

Peruvian Kiss

Peruvian Kiss.

Dark Chocolate Caramel.

Box of 12.

Chocolate Baco Noir Sauce (Red Wine)

House Made Caramel Sauce