Drunken Cherries In Cab Franc

Drunken Cherries in Cab Franc

Drunken Cherries in Cab Franc is possibly one of our more bitter sweet ice cream creations. Cherry Ice Cream was never a flavour that I was that found of to say the least. But everyone seemed to be interested in a cherry ice cream flavour. So I challenged myself to come […]

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Fresh Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Fresh Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
I garden mint. Most gardeners I know laugh when I tell them that I garden mint. That is because they think mint is weed. I then wondered what the definition of a weed was. I always thought of a weed as a plant that was an uninvited guest, like an […]

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Mother’s Day Orange Blossom Chocolate

Probably one of the best parts of being a chocolatier is the creative process. How do you attach flavour to an idea or a concept?

Some idea’s are easier than others and Mother’s Day for us is a natural. Floral Fragrances, especially of the citrus variety, to us, say spring and with that Mothers Day. The […]

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What’s in the Chocolate Easter Surprise Egg?

During Easter it is the most common question we hear at our shop.

Unfortunately because its a Hand Painted Surprise Egg and all of this contents are already sealed inside with chocolate…we can’t tell you.

We can’t tell you that the Surprise Egg has Delight Caramel Eggs Sealed inside.

We also can not tell you that the Surprise […]

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Delight Hot Chocolate

Since we opened our doors in the Junction more than 10 years ago, one of the most consistent questions that our customers ask us is “Do you make your hot Chocolate with powder and water?” It’s a totally understandable question as this is the most common way to make hot chocolate if you are buying […]

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What to get for Valentine’s Day

Ah Valentine’s Day. The two words that strike absolute terror into most men’s minds. It’s always the day of. Through the door they come. Cold sweat. Pale as ghosts. Panic stricken. And then the inevitable question “Do you have anything for Valentine’s Day?.

I wish by way of writing this a few days prior to […]

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Red Chocolate For Valentine’s

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Vegan Chocolates and Dairy Free Chocolates

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Hand Painted Chocolate Heart Boxes

Hand Painted Chocolates Heart Boxes
One of the really fun things about working with chocolate is the seemingly endless possibilities a chocolatier has to manipulate this delicious medium in shapes, molds and yes, even painting with it.
Over the years at Delight we have indulged mostly in the painting side of the chocolate possibilities.
We have also had […]

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